White Ravens: Faroe Islands

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Special Mention - Faroe Islands (Faroese) - 2006 - 180
Bárður Oskarsson (text/illus.)
Ein hundur, ein ketta og ein mús
(A dog, a cat, and a mouse)
[Tórshavn] : Bókadeild Føroya Lærarafelags, 2005. [30] p.
ISBN 99918-1-420-5
Animals Peace – Dispute – Reconciliation
Since dog, cat, and mouse declared a truce, life has become fairly uneventful: The mouse, undisturbed by the cat, is so full that he is disgusted when he finds a piece of cheese. The cat is given a ball of wool to play with, but chasing the mouse was a lot more exciting. The dog tries hard to restrain himself from barking at the cat the water hydrant is no substitute for a panicking cat. Thus, all three of them are sitting around bored stiff. Finally, the dog cannot bear it any longer and barks his head off at the cat who immediately accuses the mouse of setting the dog on him. The mouse takes revenge by hitting the dog’s tail with a hammer. It seems that a climate of hate is on the rise. However, peace is restored through a clarifying discussion – something that should also be possible among humans. The rough ink outlines are superimposed on fine pencil sketches and coloured in almost monochromatically. The illustrator’s unerring caricature of the animals’ moods turns this already witty story into a hilarious picture book experience. (6+) ☆